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With global energy demand expected to increase by as much as 58 percent in the next three decades, the urgency to transition away from burning fossil fuels to power buildings and vehicles is growing. Over the past few years, calls for turning to electricity as a power source have grown louder and more persistent. The motto of this movement is “electrify everything,” and it is starting to bring tangible results to cities and industries across the world.

Rachel Golden, the deputy director of the Sierra Club’s building electrification program, is on the front lines of the movement. She says electrifying buildings has a key role to play in achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, an aim set by President Biden that aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement. That’s why she’s spent the past several years working to spread the message of electrification’s benefits among policymakers and the public at large.

“In order to make buildings carbon neutral by 2050, we need to phase out the sale of gas appliances by 2030,” Golden says. Gas appliances typically last 10 to 15 years, so any new gas appliances installed before 2030 could still be replaced by electric one... Read more

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