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Articles by KC Golden

KC is policy director at Climate Solutions, blogs at GRIP, and serves on the boards of, U.S. Climate Action Network, NW Energy Coalition, and Renewable Northwest Project.

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  • Senate to Europe: Get your laws off our carbon

    originally published in GRIP In a memorable TV ad saluting the hard work of Olympic athletes, swimmer Ryan Lochte reveals how he made it to the Games in London:  “I swam here.” That would be one way to avoid the modest cost of carbon pollution permits required for aviation under the EU’s Emission Trading System. […]

  • MORE sex is better with energy efficiency

    My first foray into this topic, “Sex is better with energy efficiency,” was warmly – aye, steamingly – received.  (We are a simple people, no?)  So let’s dive deeper… First, for the record:  Jimmy Carter is a great man, a courageous humanitarian, and a vastly underappreciated former President.  It’s not his fault.  But one of […]

  • Why our biggest moral challenge doesn’t act like one

    Al Gore tried to invoke the moral imperative for climate action.  “It’s not about right and left;” he said, “it’s about right and wrong.”  Climate deniers cynically pounced on Gore’s leadership as an opportunity to assert the exact opposite. (Really, it’s about both, but we’ll get to that later.  See footnote if you can’t wait.) […]

  • All oil is foreign

    …originally posted at GRIP… When the political class focuses on the perils of fossil fuel dependence, they almost always use the word “foreign” before “oil”.  This is redundant.  Oil is inherently foreign.  All of it. Oil is foreign to democracy.  In an election cycle flooded by unrestricted political money, oil money stands out as the […]