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Articles by KC Golden

KC is policy director at Climate Solutions, blogs at GRIP, and serves on the boards of, U.S. Climate Action Network, NW Energy Coalition, and Renewable Northwest Project.

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  • All oil is foreign

    …originally posted at GRIP… When the political class focuses on the perils of fossil fuel dependence, they almost always use the word “foreign” before “oil”.  This is redundant.  Oil is inherently foreign.  All of it. Oil is foreign to democracy.  In an election cycle flooded by unrestricted political money, oil money stands out as the […]

  • Got $60 worth of coal-in-the-ground? BLM will give you a buck and change for it

    Dave Roberts and others have been talking about leaving coal in the ground.  That got me thinking:  What’s it worth there? The question looms large in light of recent and imminent federal leases to extract a bazillion tons of coal from public land in the Powder River Basin (PRB).  Critics of the practice note that […]

  • Sex is better with energy efficiency

    Something  must be done about the abysmal marketing of energy efficiency.  Never has such a big energy story received so little love. In the pie-throwing contest that passes for energy dialogue in our political culture, Solyndra gets the ink, while the biggest story by far goes unreported.   Keystone dominates the headlines, while new fuel economy […]

  • Solving the climate crisis means saying yes and no

    When it comes to climate work, yes and no are the interdependent and mutually reinforcing faces of responsible action.