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Articles by KC Golden

KC is policy director at Climate Solutions, blogs at GRIP, and serves on the boards of, U.S. Climate Action Network, NW Energy Coalition, and Renewable Northwest Project.

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  • Global will is ripe. Leaders need to pluck it.

    The “Copenhagen Accord” is terribly weak. Not just “weaker than it needs to be to prevent climate catastrophe.” We knew it would be that, but hoped to emerge with a serious framework for real solutions. Formally, diplomatically, legally, we didn’t get that. This truth is stark but indispensable. We shouldn’t spin away from it. The […]

  • Not Reid, not Godot: The whole world is waiting for YOU Mr. President

    The world is aghast. It’s fate, it seems, “lies in the hands of a few U.S. Senators,” as Tuvalu negotiator Ian Fry lamented in his plea for a real, science-driven deal here in Copenhagen. The collective forehead of humanity wrinkles at the prospect. Who are these people? A couple of them from North Dakota, representing […]

  • Fossil jujitsu to save climate talks?

    This has always been the big duh of climate and clean energy policy: How ‘bout we start by ending subsidies to fossil fuel development?  Clean energy reform is hard enough, swimming against the killer tides of free carbon dumping, car-centered development, and oil-soaked politics.  Can we pleeze stop adding insult to injury by targeting scarce […]

  • Mr. President, come to Copenhagen early

    I wish every American could get lost for a few days in the Bella Conference Center and the events surrounding it in Copenhagen.  I wish you could all see and feel the desperate depth of the world’s hunger for America to step all the way up to its responsibilities here. And since at least one […]