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Articles by Kristin Wartman

Kristin Wartman is a food writer living in Brooklyn. She is a Certified Nutrition Educator and holds a Master's degree in Literature from UC Santa Cruz. She focuses on the intersections of food, health, politics, and culture. You can read more of her writing at and follow her on Twitter.

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The Occupy Big Food rally at Zuccotti Park on Saturday.“Whose food? Our food!” This was the rallying cry at the first Occupy Big Food event on Saturday in Zuccotti Park. The rally, which I led with Erika Lade, a graduate student in NYU’s Food Studies program, gathered about 100 people with the goal of connecting the larger Occupy Wall Street effort to the food justice movement.

NYU professor of Nutrition and Food Studies Marion Nestle was the event’s featured speaker. Although Nestle was intimidated at the prospect of using the human microphone for the first time, she picked up the unusual speaking technique quickly. “I’m an academic who studies social movements,” she told the crowd. “Occupy Wall Street is a social movement. Occupy Big Food is a social movement.”

Occupy Big Food has three main goals: To raise public consciousness, to put pressure on food corporations to change their destructive practices, and to organize and unify Americans in an alternative food system. As I told the audience that day: We have two choices. We can create our own food system now, or we can watch as corporations continue their des... Read more

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