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Articles by Mark Kimbrell

Mark Kimbrell is a national organizer with Focus the Nation.

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From coast to coast, teams of young volunteers are organizing Clean Energy Forums.  As part of Focus the Nation‘s campaign Community and the Road to Copenhagen, young organizers are engaging their communities for a day of climate dialogue and reaching out to their senators to join the conversations.  Through this nationwide effort, we hope to distill the political will for a strong U.S. commitment at COP15, the U.N. climate conference that will take place in Copenhagen in December.  

Out of each forum, Focus the Nation HQ will generate a Clean Energy Action List.  We will take these to COP15 as evidence of the American people’s desire for clean energy solutions, and of the hard work of the U.S. climate movement this fall.

The campaign kicked off last Friday in Durango, Colo., in conjunction with a event.  In Durango–a coal-, oil-, and gas-dependent town near the four corners of the United States–rural Southwest youth, like youth around the country, are demanding inclusion in the conversations about how their energy is generated.  The Durango event featured a diverse panel including local politicians, rep... Read more

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  • Bikers and activists ride for the climate from New York to D.C.

    On Saturday, more than one hundred climate and cycling activists began a 300-mile cycling journey from New York City to Washington, D.C. Enduring endless chafing, near collisions, and constant pedaling, they are riding for climate change awareness and strong legislation. Most importantly, they will represent the vanguard of the climate movement’s fall of activism and […]

  • On eve of Senate showdown and COP15, the climate movement locks in

    Photo: 1SkyAside from all the immense negatives, the recent Van Jones character assassination has done one very important thing for the climate movement: catalyzed our passionate opposition to dirty energy and politics as usual, while cementing our determination to achieve clean energy solutions this fall.   It’s as if you can hear the collective fist-clenching of […]