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Articles by Max Blau, ProPublica

Max Blau is an Atlanta-based journalist who writes narrative and investigative stories for newspapers, magazines, and digital media outlets.

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Georgia’s Plant Scherer and its neighboring pond, where the plant has dumped nearly 16 million tons of toxic coal ash.

This story was originally published by ProPublica. It was produced in partnership with Georgia Health News, which is a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.

Mark Berry raised his right hand, pledging to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The bespectacled mechanical engineer took his seat inside the cherry-wood witness stand. He pulled his microphone close to his yellow bow tie and glanced left toward five of Georgia’s most influential elected officials. As one of Georgia Power’s top environmental lobbyists, Berry had a clear mission on that rainy day in April 2019: Convince those five energy regulators that the company’s customers should foot the bill for one of the most expensive toxic waste cleanup efforts in state history.

When Berry became Georgia Power’s vice president of environmental affairs in 2015, he inherited responsibility for a dark corporate legacy dating back to before he was born. For many decades, power companies had burnt billions of tons of coal, dumping the leftover ash — loaded with toxic contaminants — into human-made “ponds” larger than many lakes. But after a pair of coal-ash pond disasters in Tennessee a... Read more

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