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Yolanda Crous is a Grist contributing writer based in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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  • Way to channel that consumerism!

    Jane Austen. Monty Python. Ricky Gervais. My Anglophilia runs amok, people.

    And it just spiked again.

    According to, 25 percent of British motorists are planning on buying a car in the coming year -- and a full one-fifth of them have made buying a "green" car their priority. That's three times more green-thusiasm than a year ago.

    'Course the number of drivers looking to buy cars in the first place could use a little help -- one-quarter seems a tad steep. Still, a big pip-pip to the British isles for at least channeling their rampant consumerism in the proper direction.

  • Great finds in the search for green cosmetics

    I smell yummy. Very very yummy. So yummy, in fact, that my roommate's dog just tried to lick all the yumminess off my face. Still, even that salivary interlude couldn't kill my French Rosemary With Sweet Orange buzz.

    I'm on a mission to replace all my pharmacy-bought personal care products with non-toxic, petrochemical-free alternatives. Alas, it's been slow going, especially in the skin care department. It took me years, after all, to find cleansers and moisturizers that simultaneously control my oiliness, don't dry me out, and prevent breakouts. (Sigh.) Saying good-bye to those standbys is tough.

  • How deep is Gore love?

    That Al Gore. Such a busy guy. Apparently, in between getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, stealing the show at the Oscars, and testifying before Congress, he's found time to heal a former Beatle's tender heart.

    This, from

    While Heather Mills dances with the stars, soon-to-be-ex hubby Paul McCartney is getting hot and heavy with a new squeeze. The beleaguered Beatle has been spotted a lot lately with Sabrina Guinness, of, yes, the Guinness Stout beer empire. Guinness, 52, was spotted recently with McCartney, his daughter Stella and her husband Alasdhair Willis. McCartney told Brit rag the Daily Mail that "I realize everyone wants to see me with a new bird right now and that's very flattering. We enjoy each other's company." The politically progressive McCartney then added that he and Guinness woo each other by talking about "stuff like the environment and Al Gore, things like that."

    Ah, green love.

  • A bad pap

    Yet another reason for your bile to rise when you hear the word "paparazzi": their choice in vehicles.

    Check out this impressive (or should I say unimpressive?) lineup of pap-owned SUVs parked in front of Britney Spears' house last week.

    Couldn't a couple of you chase the starlets around in a Civic or something?