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Articles by Yolanda Crous

Yolanda Crous is a Grist contributing writer based in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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  • Julia Roberts greens up

    Nothing like another child on the way to get a gal thinking about the health of the planet. Apparently, Julia Roberts, who's preggo again, is planning to green up her Malibu abode with some solar panels, recycled tiles, and sustainable wood products.

  • Practice your politics with the BBC’s Climate Challenge

    The climate is in crisis. The world is a mess. Think things would be better if you ruled the universe (or at least a developed nation)? Here's your chance to test out that theory.

    Play the BBC's Climate Challenge game and you'll take on the role of president of a powerful European nation. Your mission: 1) convincing other world leaders to climb aboard the emission reduction train; 2) adopting a mix of climate-friendly national policies that will neither starve nor alienate the voting citizenry.

  • The lazy girl’s (and guy’s) secret to toxin-free moisturizing

    No, that's not an overstatement, and, no, I don't have secret stock in some Greek olive oil soap manufacturer (though come to think of it, that's not a bad idea). What I do have is just-shy-of-leathery skin and a lazy streak when it comes to moisturizing anything but my face. Not so good traits when you're 10 -- even worse when you're pushing 33.

  • Sting along

    Oh, Sting. How I love thee and thy ageless, yoga-chiseled physique. And now that I'm older and grateful for any sane voice that rises above the usual blah-blah-blah media clamor, I also relish your tireless political activism. Sure, I haven't really liked any of your music since that weird but haunting '80s song about the Russians loving their children too ("Mr. Krushchev said we will bury you/I don't subscribe to that point of viiiiieeeeeeew" -- love it). But there must be some reason I perk up every time I see you and Trudi on the telly.