fish lockPhoto: forkergirl3. The pee-your-pants funny

OK, we’ve arrived at the frivolous and funny portion of our show. (That other stuff was as close to serious as we get around here.)

In the “creative solutions” department, Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, takes the cake. To drive home the point that bike lanes are not the place to park your car, Zuokos drove a tank over a Mercedes. (I’m jealous: That had to feel good.)

New York biker Casey Neistat could’ve used said tank. When he got a ticket for not riding in the bike lane, he resolved to never, ever stray from the straight and narrow again — even if it meant running into an illegally parked police car. Ouch.

Obstacle courses aside, pedal power still rules for New Yorkers who want to get across town in a hurry. “Amateur daredevil” Mark Malkoff raced a bus through the city on a Big Wheel — and, well, we’re not going to spoil the result. You really just need to watch it.

And last, just for style points, we offer you a bunch of cool kids doing hilarious no-handed bike moves to a rocking good soundtrack. Go ahead, try some of your own, but no trolling us if you can’t pull it off yourself.

Happy New Year from Grist’s bike department. We’ll see you on the streets in 2012.