Bike mod lets you ride on train tracks, probably get hit by train

[vimeo 45269200] If you live in a city with a thriving streetcar system, chances are you live in Europe and your burg is pretty bike-friendly anyway. But you have to admit that sticking to the streetcar tracks would make it much …
By on Jul 16, 2012

Blood on the bike path: What a tragic accident teaches us about safely sharing the trails

When an elderly woman was killed in a collision with a bicyclist, commenters on news websites unleashed a flurry of anti-cyclist vitriol. Not only was it unfair, but a few simple rules of thumb might have prevented the whole mess.
By on Jul 13, 2012

Win a bike by channeling famous authors

Rule No. 1 of Grist List: Never pass up an opportunity to win a free bike. Especially if the opportunity involves the chance to channel P.G. Wodehouse. The Paris Review (TPR), a venerable lit magazine not particularly concerned with green …
By on Jul 12, 2012

These adorable kids are earning bikes by helping their community

[vimeo 43979135] The Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Earn-a-Bike program lets these Baltimore youths spend four weeks learning about bike maintenance, healthy eating, and caring for the Earth and their community — and at the end of it, they get a certificate …
By on Jun 29, 2012

These light-up armbands make awesome turn signals for cyclists

As a responsible cyclist who does not want to die, I wear a helmet. The other night, I donned one of those reflective orange vests. (Do not laugh, please.) And I try, really I do, to hold out my arms …
By on Jun 29, 2012

Training wheels for your Hummer? GM stamps brand names on Japanese bikes

In Japan, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, and Hummers are hot hot hot. Especially the ones with only two wheels.
By on Jun 28, 2012

Laser-show bike helmet looks awesome, might actually make you safer

If your first thought when looking at this LED-encrusted bike helmet is “I bet that would make an awesome personal light show for when I shred on my guitar in my bedroom,” you’re not alone. The actual goal of the …
By on Jun 26, 2012

Rio cycle: Canadian bikes to Earth Summit (with a little help from trains and buses)

Last January, sustainability planner Naomi Devine set out from Vancouver, British Columbia, planning to ride her bike to the Earth Summit in Brazil. It didn’t work out the way she imagined, but she still made the rest of us look …
By on Jun 18, 2012