Uprise Energy, a company based in San Diego, is working on making a portable wind turbine that could provide clean energy wherever it was needed — basically anywhere that might be using portable generators right now.

The Portable Power Center, Treehugger says, “can fit inside a standard shipping container and be pulled to the remote job site with no specialized equipment.” It’s sort of like a Transformer wind turbine: It can fold up to fit into a shipping container, and when it comes out, it looks like a box with wheels. Unlike a Transformer, it can’t actually drive itself, but according to this video, you can hook it up to a Hummer-looking car and get it wherever it needs to go. Then it unfolds to its full glory and destroys the Decepticons.

It’s perfect for evil geniuses with a clean-energy consciousness setting up their remote bases, or for life post-zombie apocalypse.

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