Put a laser rifle in your gun rack and get ready to roll some sunshine. Nissan built an electric pickup!

From Mashable:

Engineers at Nissan sawed the back half off a Leaf electric car and bolted the bed from a Frontier pickup in its place to create a one-of-a-kind shop car. It’s cherry-red, with rounded corners and, if you tilt your head and squint, it looks a bit like a shoe on wheels. The engineers at Nissan call it Sparky.

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For some people, pickups, also known as the Texas Civic or the Redneck Penis Compensator, are a necessary evil. For small business owners, handymen and women, obsessive pog collectors, and this guy, the carrying capacity and utility are indispensable. So how cool would it be to switch out the old diesel for an electric version?

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Sure, Sparky looks like an El Camino and a back massager forgot to use protection, but it would likely be a big hit. Which is why it’s a shame Nissan has no plans to build it. The car-truck was apparently the result of a team-building exercise, and is now used as a support vehicle for the company’s tech center in Stanfield, Ariz.

The little electric truck would be perfect for institutions like colleges or parks that need trucks but rarely drive them very far, and Ed Begley Jr. would finally be able to help his friends move. (That dude has been coasting for too long!)

So please build it, Nissan! There are thousands of redneck hippies out there whose Kombis are on their last legs.

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