Swedish designer Eddi Tornberg has turned the plight of modern workers — sitting like lazy larvae in front of computer screens all day — into a form of renewable energy. He uses the heat of our rear ends to create electricity. You’ll still die from sitting, but at least your energy bills will be lower!

The bottom of Tornberg’s office seat collects body warmth on the top while keeping cool on the bottom. The chair generates power from that heat differential. But this amazing office suite does not stop with harnessing butt energy, Atlantic Cities reports. The chair also sits on a piezoelectric pad that takes the pressure of every twitch and fidget of the worker and turns it into laptop juice. Tornberg steals energy from an office plant as well.

How long can your butt heat and your fidgeting keep your computer running? Tornberg doesn’t say. He does reveal his inspiration, though — a quote from the estimable Harriet Beecher Stowe: “Human nature is above all things lazy.”

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