Switching from disposable to reusable coffee cups lets you avoid a ton of trash — but it often means you’re left carrying an empty reusable coffee cup, which can’t be thrown away and is cumbersome to cart around. It’s a First-World problem, sure, but why have problems you don’t need to? The 16-ounce Zip Cup is as big as a standard disposable coffee cup, but collapses small enough to fit in your pocket. Much better!

[vimeo 45889678]

Zip Cup is soliciting funders on Indiegogo, the site for people who are too hip for Kickstarter (as far as I can tell). We haven’t tried it out, so we can’t promise that it doesn’t leak or whatever, but it looks cool to us. If it looks cool to you, you can get in on the ground floor for a $15 donation.

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