The O2 Pursuit has a top speed of 87 mph and can go 62 miles on one standard SCUBA tank full of compressed air. In other words, it’s as fast as an electric motorbike, with a similar range, and you don’t have to wait hours for its batteries to charge.

Awesome, right? FastCoExist does have one caveat, though:

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The drawback with air power is that you need a network of refilling stations, and you still need to find power to compress the air in the first place.

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You mean you can’t just blow in it? Rip-off.

A lot of gas stations do have compressed air, but they’re only at a few hundred psi, whereas SCUBA tank air is at a much higher pressure. Compressing air to the 3,000 or so psi of a SCUBA tank requires a fair amount of power.

That means that, for bigger vehicles, running on air actually isn’t as efficient as running on straight-up electricity. Still, let’s just say it again, this is a motorcycle that runs on air.

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