I was going to put a joke in the headline, but is it really necessary? I mean, here are the facts without jokes: Chris Christie, the transit-killing, mall-building, climate-initiative-withdrawing governor of New Jersey, hopped on a state helicopter to go to his kid's baseball game — and once he alit, a private car took him the 100 yards from the helicopter's landing site to the bleachers. See, now, didn't you laugh? Sure, it was a bitter, hollow laugh, but still.

Apparently Christie's vision of the future is one in which we don't need public transportation because we all flit around the monstrous megamall in our personal helicopters, taking off from the Gap and landing at Orange Julius before driving to Panda Express, safe from the rising seawater and violent storms outside. (Christie believes in climate change, just not enough to keep New Jersey in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, i.e. not enough to do anything about it).

Christie didn't even stay for the whole ball game — he motored back to his chopper during the fifth inning. Probably he had to fly over to the concession stand for a hot dog.

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