Photo by Nellies Beemster-Klaucke

Public transportation aficionados have a new pilgrimage destination: A turnstile at the bottom of the escalators at the Columbus Circle stop of the New York subway. That's the most-used turnstile of the most-used transportation system in the country.

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The turnstile, which is probably not actually one of the ones pictured above (these are from Columbus Circle, but there are a lot of turnstiles there), had registered 1,402,766 MetroCard swipes this year as of Aug. 19. That puts it more than 4,000 swipes ahead of the next most popular turnstile, at the Jamaica Center station.

Memo to the New York MTA: Wouldn't it be cool if the 1,500,000th user of the prom queen turnstile won something? Like a can of rat repellant or a chance to be Miss Subways? Something besides just the knowledge that they're helping to save the planet by taking public transit in a dense and walkable city — although honestly, that's pretty good too.

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