bureau faceBOh, c’est tres wobbly!

Sometimes I feel sad that the world is ending, and other times I think this is a fun time for people to build crazy shit because we are all in a crazy mindset of “oh well, the oceans are rising, let’s build a bridge that’s totally wobbly.” I of course can’t crawl inside the mind of les folks at French architecture studio bureau faceB, who are developing a weird and wobbly new bridge over the Seine, but that is what I imagine they might be saying to themselves. Though in French, naturally.

The bridge will be constructed of steel cables and will offer two ways of crossing: a “normal” stable one, and, for the more adventurous, a series of narrow, unstable paths,  not unlike footbridges one finds in the mountains. The bridge will not actually be dangerous, however. It will only feel dangerous. I don’t know about you but that’s exactly how I like my danger.

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Interestingly, this is not the only crazy Seine bridge project going on right now — they’re also thinking about building this other crazy trampoline bridge. Why not build both? Then, finally, there’ll be something to do in Paris besides look at art and beautiful buildings, drink wine, and eat delicious food.