If a Manic Pixie Dream Girl were a corporation, she’d be Etsy. The offices are full of twee decorations, they all eat home-cooked lunch together, and apparently at the end of the day they load up their compostable trash on a cargo bike and haul it to an urban farm in Red Hook. If this were a Portlandia sketch, you’d think it was too unrealistic.

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Treehugger explains:

Rather than simply contract with a recycling firm, or hiring waste management consultants, ETSY’s staff have decided to get their hands dirty — collecting over 600 lbs of biodegradable waste and sending it to Red Hook Community Farm for composting.

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I have to say, this is a pretty sweet deal. Office workers, even when that office is decorated like Zooey Deschanel’s dollhouse, like an excuse to get out and run an errand. And this errand gets you on a bike and takes you to a farm. Probably they give you some delicious tomatoes to taste, because farms are nice like that. Then you bike away with a significantly lighter load and a heart singing like a bird in a Disney movie. Then you get back to the office and have a meeting in a human-sized bird’s nest.