Tennessee dad Jim Howe didn’t think it was safe — or logical — for “traffic [to be] backed up over a mile on a busy highway” just to pick up kids from South Cumberland Elementary School. But when he walked into the school, protesting a new rule that parents have to hang out in a line of cars to get their kids, he got arrested. If you like arguing and Southern accents, watch the situation unfold: 

Apparently kids can be released to parents in cars or can take the bus home, but they are not allowed to walk home with their parents. (Don’t even TRY picking your kid up by bike.) Although Howe signed the school’s special form giving his kids permission to walk home with him, deputy Avery Aytes won’t have it:

Howe: They’re walking with me when school is dismissed.

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Aytes: No, they’re not.

Howe: Per state law, yes, they are.

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After a bit more arguing, Aytes cuffs Howe, proving that the best reason to go into law enforcement is so you can arrest people you lose arguments with.

Some commenters say Howe parked on the highway and then walked into the school, and why should he get special treatment when everyone else was waiting patiently in line? But the real question is, can we pleeeease make more walkable cities and make schools easily accessible by rail, bike, and foot? Then NO ONE will have to sit in traffic.