Project Ukulele Gangsterism, a Toronto-area ukulele flash mob organized by Adil Dhalla, cheered up commuters in Toronto’s subway with an aggressively chipper song about how great everything is. They did not get punched for the relentless positivity because they were in Canada.

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Jason Cook, a photographer who recorded the event, says that being sung to at 8 a.m. by a band of totally awake people with plinky instruments was “a lovely mood booster, and everyone left with big smiles.” I do not understand this, but to each their own. At least he didn’t have to look at any butts.

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Actually, to be honest this really does look adorable, as long as you’ve had your coffee by the time you have to get gently hit on by a couple dozen ukulelists. When it comes to early-morning subway music, though, I have to go with the Copenhagen Philharmonic for personal preference.

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