You can find an ass on the subway almost every day, but tomorrow there will be LOADS of asses. That’s because tomorrow is Improv Everywhere’s annual No-Pants Subway Ride, which takes the pants out of public transit, leaving you with only “ublic rit.”

Here’s what that looked like in 2013:

If you’ve always wanted to drop trou on the NYC subway, but have suspected (or found out the hard way) that it’s frowned upon 364 days of the year, head to one of the meeting points tomorrow by 3 p.m. sharp:

Astoria: Meet at Hoyt Playground – Google Map
Brooklyn: Meet by the Old Stone House – Google Map
Downtown Manhattan: Meet at Foley Square – Google Map
Lower East Side: Meet at Sarah Roosevelt Park on Houston – Google Map
Queens: Meet at the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park – Google Map
Uptown Manhattan: Meet at the Great Hill in Central Park – Google Map
Williamsburg / Bushwick: Meet at Maria Hernandez Park – Google Map

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Not in New York? More than 50 cities worldwide have No-Pants Rides tomorrow — go check if yours is represented, and click through for details! And if you don’t see your town, you can always set up a ride next year; all you really need is a public transit system, someone to organize, and the ability to strip to your knickers.

It’s unseasonably warm in New York right now, but it’s still January, so maybe put your pants on when you’re above ground? And then, dance them back off at the afterparty.

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