When not publishing oddly tantalizing bile (recent headline: ​“Anna Kendrick: Katy Perry Aggressively ‘Finger-Banged My Cleavage’”), Gawker actually does some good reporting! Case in point: a recent crowdsourced list of the hippest neighborhoods in cities around the world.

Spanning 37 states and 14 countries, the list breaks down your city’s Williamsburg (hippest area) and Bushwick (up-and-coming area), so you know where to move to from Williamsburg to beat the hipsters. What are we saying? There’s no way to beat the hipsters. They’re already there, discussing the NEXT next Williamsburg.

Here are a few highlights:

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  • Seattle’s Williamsburg is Capitol Hill; its Bushwick is the Central District
  • “The Williamsburg of Portland is Portland” (true)
  • Austin’s East Side is both its Williamsburg and Bushwick
  • Similar to Portland, all of Boulder is Boulder’s Williamsburg
  • Washington, D.C.’s Williamsburg is H Street; Petworth is its Bushwick
  • L.A.’s Williamsburg is Silver Lake, and Echo Park is its Bushwick
  • San Francisco’s Mission District is its Williamsburg; Hunter’s Point and Oakland tied for its Bushwick

Check out the full list and, if you’re the wonky sort, a detailed breakdown of the votes and nominees for each city.

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