Gizmodo is excited that baby boomers are squinting more. Maybe that’ll get them on the bus!

This odd glee at seniors’ failing vision and slowing reaction times is in response to an AARP survey of more than 4,500 older adults across the U.S. The survey found that fully half of Americans 50 and older want a bus stop within a mile of where they live. (Can I just say that 50 is not that old?)

“A bus stop signals freedom — the ability to access the city and all it has to offer without a car,” infers Gizmodo. Could the huge group of aging baby boomers provide the boost and political support that public transportation needs?

In addition to transit, older adults prioritize grocery stores and parks over garbage nonsense like big-box stores and malls. So wisdom DOES come with age!

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And out of the top actions that older adults said would improve their communities, three out of five are green-related: Make streets more walkable, add transportation for older adults and those with disabilities, and fix or build parks. (More cops and better schools topped the list.) Yet another reason to respect your elders: They know what’s what.

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