Remember when the luxury of being handed pretzels by a friendly attendant wasn’t outweighed by baggage fees, porno-scanners, and all the other hassles and indignities of air travel? A Toronto-based improv group called Improv Toronto (go figure) does, and they wanted to bring that convenience to a generally more functional form of travel, i.e. the subway. So they sent uniformed “subway attendants” off to the city’s Bloor Line with newspapers, blankets, and carts of snacks and drinks.

Part of me wants to stay away from the obvious well of “nice, polite Canadian” jokes, but it’s pretty striking. U.S. improv groups on the subway? Pretty much make people look at their asses. Canadian improv groups? Hand out cheese crackers. I haven’t said this since Bush Jr.’s reelection, but man, I think I’m moving to Canada.

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