At 13,595 square feet, the world’s largest vertical garden is definitely bigger than your piddly window box — think more like “hotel ballroom.” It covers the outside of a shopping mall in Rozanno, Italy, and it features 44,000 plants, which the architects say took a year for them to grow and three months to transplant into the metallic containers built into the wall.

Oddity Central explains:

Although it might seem like the walls are covered with soil from which the flora grows, the walls were actually lined with metallic containers that hold the plants. Using these Lego-like metal pieces made the vertical garden a lot easier to build then with classic methods, but it also increased the cost of the project to a total of €1 million ($1.3 million).

The whole spread is almost disorienting. Many vertical gardens have an upward sweep to them, but this one looks like you could have a lovely stroll in it, if only you had the technology to pin your feet at a 90 degree angle to the ground and the leg and core strength to keep the rest of your body from flopping earthwards. Can someone Incept this, please.

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