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Are you dying to meet someone serendipitously — perhaps glimpsing Mr. Right on a subway car going in the opposite direction, or making eyes at the girl of your dreams on the elliptical machine? Well, cartoonist Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl has crunched the numbers on Craigslist “Missed Connections” ads from all over the country, and generated this map that shows you where to hang out and wait for Cupid to strike.

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Public transit fans looking for love should opt for New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, D.C., Oregon, and Washington. If you’d rather get laid from the driver’s seat, you can go to Georgia, the only state where most missed connections spot each other from their cars — or you can head for a gas station in Colorado or a parking lot in Rhode Island. In most of the rest of the country, Walmart seems like a good bet, alas. 

The most amusing findings: In Indiana, most missed connections are found “at home,” which means I guess people are hitting on their family or at best their neighbors. In Oklahoma, you’re most likely to get lucky at the state fair. Several states post the most missed connections from the supermarket, but only Connecticut specifies which supermarket (Stop & Shop, that haven of romance). And apparently there are people who post ads for missed connections at strip clubs and adult bookstores. We’d love to know which states those happen in.

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