Does rainfall on your apartment building sound musical, or more like God is flushing the toilet? For lucky Dresden hipsters, it’s supposedly the former, thanks to funky gutters shaped like horns:

Rhapsody in blue.

Huffington PostRhapsody in blue.

Huffington Post explains:

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Located in the heart of Dresden’s artsy neighborhood Neustadt Kunsthofpassage lies this gem of an architectural feat. It’s a tall, notably blue building imagined by Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul, and Andre Tempel that functions as a multi-story musical instrument. That’s because instead of traditional gutters, the trio of clever artists opted to give the structure an intricate system of funnels, arranged in a series of zigs and zags that ultimately produces the faint sounds of music when it rains.

Um, HuffPo? “Faint sounds of music” might be overly generous, because in this video, it … mostly just sounds like rain:

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Aaaand now we all have to pee. (Sorry.)