Today six U.S. cities (and Toronto, but who cares) have access to the most cherished dream of every American child: ON-DEMAND ICE CREAM. This changes summer forever.

Uber, the start-up that will send a livery-service car to you at the touch of a smartphone-app button, is expanding for one day into ice cream. Touch one little button on your iPhone and it will, as it promises, “BRING ON THE ICE CREAM.”

There is a catch. (Of course there is a catch.)

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As D.C. residents know, Uber is into charging a fairly high base fee for its services. And that apparently applies to ice cream as well as rides from Petworth to H Street. If you call the Uber ice cream truck, you have to buy A LOT of ice cream. $12 worth of ice cream.

That gets you five ice creams, which is, depressingly, a pretty good deal for fancy ice cream in a town like New York City these days. So either your ice cream craving must strike at the exact same moment as four of your friends’, or you must be prepared to eat a lot of ice cream all by your lonesome. (If this does not appeal, we offer this hot tip: You can always just go to the bodega and buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s like always.)

You will not, however, have to chase after the ice cream truck. Not today, and maybe not ever again.

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