Rat race getting you down? Shitty economy and lack of full-time benefits keeping you from that summer retreat you dreamed of? Fear not, you can have it all: the semi-stability of wage-slave employment and the idyll of skipping stones through a perfect Idaho pond. Skippy the stone-skipping robot’s here to help you out.

[youtube http://youtu.be/K-n8zFxUQ64]

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See, you can “feel what summer’s all about” even from your over air-conditioned office. You have to wait your turn, but then you get to choose where the robot throws the stone and how hard.

Sure, it’s a little dystopian, but think of it this way: It’s more energy-efficient than having all those would-be stone skippers travel to Idaho, and lower-impact than letting them tramp to the lake with their garbage and their noise and their beer bottles just to throw a stone in a pond.

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