If you like maps this game is fun

Click That ‘HoodIf you like maps, this game is fun.

Remember when you were in fifth grade and Miss Pierce gave you an empty map of the U.S and you had to fill it in? And Florida was pretty easy and maybe California and Michigan and then you got to the Midwest and were like whhhat? Well, the Louisville-based nonprofit Code for America (not exactly clear on what they do but they want to “make a difference” so they must be reasonably OK) has created a really awesome game called Click That ‘Hood where you kind of do that. Even better, it lets you be smug about how well you know your city!

Here’s how it works. They will give you a big map of say, Los Angeles. And it will be divided into neighborhoods, but the neighborhoods aren’t marked. Then it times you as it flashes neighborhood names up on the screen (easy ones like “Downtown” and “Pacific Palisades” and not-so-easy ones like “Mount Washington” and “Vermont Vista”) and sees how long it takes you to identify all the 103 neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It took me a long time.

You could also do all 28 neighborhoods in Manhattan. Or all 21 neighborhoods in Akron. Or all 55 neighborhoods in Ulm, Germany. There are nearly 90 games to play, for cities around the world. It mind sound a little nerdy, but if you love maps, it’s pretty awesome and addictive.

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