Did you guys know Julianne Moore wrote a children’s book? This is apparently the thing celebrities do when they’re over 25 (under 25, they start a perfume line). It’s about the heartbreak of being a ginger, and not about environmental stuff at all, but that isn’t stopping Moore from plugging it in her video for the Moms Clean Air Force. (It’s a little labored — something about polluters being bullies.)

“Moms clean” and “Air Force” aren’t phrases that generally go together, but the idea is to mobilize moms of all political persuasions to support clean air legislation for the sake of their kids. They’ve got a whole series of videos from celeb moms including, hilariously, Ayelet Waldman. I think this one is talking down to moms a little — “mercury is a terrible poison!” — but we should probably encourage celebrities to deal with being celebrities by writing picture books and taking up environmental causes. It is SO much better than upskirt photos and clothing labels.

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