The iZen bamboo keyboard is 92 percent bamboo, because normally keyboards are made from plastic, and plastic is made from oil and we’d rather not.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist yet. Which is why you should hop on over to Kickstarter and give the would-be creators of the iZen as much of your money as you can without going AWOL on your rent. (Full disclosure: We have no affiliations with iZen, we just think this thing is incredibly rad.) As of this writing, they’re less than $8,000 short of their goal. Don’t you want to help starving children on the moon by switching away from nasty plastic keyboards?

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Look at that sexy packaging. Can’t you just imagine tearing open the UPS box and getting it into your sweaty geek hands?

If nothing else, it’s a much less earth-destroying option than most for channeling your gadget lust.

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