On Wednesday afternoon, I was on “The Conversation,” a news talk show on Seattle’s public radio station KUOW. I chatted with guest host David Hyde about the grim situation for climate policy at the national and international levels and the rays of hope coming from cities. Listen if you’re so inclined:

Bonus confessional anecdote at no extra charge:

I’ve been a big fan of “The Conversation” since I got to Seattle in 2000. Back when I was a low-level customer service employee (or, periodically, unemployed) and nobody cared about my many opinions, I used to call in. Occasionally they would take my call. As it happens, one of those times was on a show about Timothy McVeigh’s pending execution. Let’s just say I get pretty worked up about the death penalty, so I rambled on and on to host Ross Reynolds about … well, it’s all a haze now, but the word “healing” was used more than once. More than three or four times, if you must know. I was insistent on the healing point. Whatever it was.

The incident provided so much hilarity to my friends that one of them tracked down the episode, transcribed the call, and gave me the framed transcript for my birthday. “Healing.” I still have it somewhere. No, I will not post it or provide a link. I’m not crazy.

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