Scientists have largely pinned down the cause for the huge loss in Arctic ice volume over the past 40 years. And guess what? It’s because of climate change.


I mean, you already knew that. But scientists like to be thorough.

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Researchers from the National Center for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading used a computer model to look at how much of the ice loss could be attributed to natural cycles (specifically, the “Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation,” or AMO). From The Guardian:

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“We could only attribute as much as 30% [of the Arctic ice loss] to the AMO,” [the researcher] said. “Which implies that the rest is due to something else, and this is most likely going to be man-made global change.”

Previous studies had indicated that around half of the loss was due to man-made climate change and that the other half was due to natural variability.

Please note: as much as 30 percent. It could be as little as 5 percent — meaning that between 70 and 95 percent of ice loss is attributable to human carbon emissions.

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On the plus side, our giant refrigerators can still produce as much ice as we want. Sorry about your luck, seals/polar bears/future humans! Go buy your own Sub-Zero™s!