It’s all the rage lately to deliver food in edible packaging, because if you eat the container, there’s no waste to dispose of — no paper coffee cup, no plastic wrapper that ends up in the ocean. While tomato-basil membranes sound intriguing, if not exactly appetizing, here’s an idea for an edible container that pretty much anyone should be able to get behind — an espresso cup made out of a cookie.

An Italian designer dreamed this up as a promotion for the espresso brand Lavazza, but this is so brilliant it needs to catch on everywhere. Supposedly that white icing sweetens the espresso just a bit, while keeping the cookie cup from disintegrating into leaky mush.

I can imagine only two possible flaws in this scheme: a) the cookie tastes bad or b) the cookie tastes so good you try to eat it before drinking the espresso. I suppose it is possible that there are people out there who don’t want a cookie with their espresso and who would end up throwing out the cup no matter how good it tastes. But those cookie-haters are probably the sort of monsters who don’t care about the waste their espresso habit generates, anyway.

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