HRH Prince of Wales (that’s His Royal Highness to you peasants) has launched an international online campaign to save the rainforests, appropriately monikered the Prince’s Rainforests Project. Prince Charles is joined by his sons William and Harry, along with a few non-royal celebs like Daniel Craig, the Dalai Lama, and an animated frog, in connecting tropical deforestation with the battle against climate change. Quoth The Royal One:

If we lose the battle against tropical deforestation, we lose the battle against climate change.

The Prince specifically aims this online grassroots crusade at the international climate talks in Copenhagen this December, hoping to create a groundswell of support for rainforest protections in those negotiations. As a part of this, there’s a heavy social networking component, a la their MySpace page, YouTube channel, and embeddable Flash widget below.

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According to their press release, it’s kind of a big deal because this is apparently the “first time that a Royal has partnered with a social media platform to engage the public in a cause that is near and dear to them.” No word yet on any royalty using social networks for causes they despise.

The Prince fessed up to choosing a frog as his symbol of action against climate change partly because of the long and illustrious fairy-tale history of princes and frogs, though it makes sense when you consider saving frogs can help beat climate change.