Climate alarmism is counterproductive, and rah-rah Earth fandom is boring. But there are still some fresh perspectives out there — some are a little nutty, sure, but they're a change from the standard fare. Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic has rounded up ten interesting ideas about the environment, so you can try them on for size. Think of it as a shopping spree to expand your idea wardrobe — even if none of them end up being your idea LBD.

Some of our favorites:

  • Looking at nature makes you a better human (#2)
  • Instead of saving the habitats, we should just move the animals (#5 — Richard Branson likes this one already!)
  • Bacteria may be basically a giant brain (#8)
  • We are the most environmentally-conscious generation yet — screw you, agrarian ancestors (#9)

More at the Atlantic, plus pretty pictures. Happy Earth giant metaorganism (#4) day, folks!

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