The EPA is delaying until September rules that would regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions.

Michele Bachmann has a great plan for the agency, should she become president: Rename it "the job-killing organization of America." That will solve everything!

Fukushima clean-up has been a comedy of errors when it comes to safety protections. Many aren’t getting training to use their protective gear, and others aren’t getting enough gear at all. Some people say that when they were recruited, they weren’t even told that they’d be cleaning up radiation at the plant.

The mom of this earless bunny, born near the plant, didn't wear proper safety gear, either.

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In Italy, 94% of voters turned against nuclear power in a referendum yesterday.

In totally unrelated news, the Sicilian mafia is investing in wind energy. (The wind fell off the back of a truck.)

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An ash cloud from an Eritrean volcano is disrupting flights in Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Sudan. You may want to postpone your Darfur vacation.