Energy tax breaks are on trial in the Senate, amidst a weird vogue for Republicans opposing them. What are they planning?

People outside of Washington do believe in climate change, whatever their political beliefs. They also overwhelmingly support bike lanes and expanded public transportation. Even people who vote Republican like this stuff. Congresspeople, take note.

Cheap natural gas is making it hard for money-minded people to invest in renewable energy.

China wants Russia's gas, but not at European prices.

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Fuel made from camelina seeds is going to help take a jet all the way to Paris, on the first biofuel-powered transatlantic flight.

Your organic lipstick is maybe not so organic.

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Sam Sifton, The New York Times restaurant critic, knows eating bluefin tuna is bad for the dwindling species, but he doesn't really care. I mean, what about his endangered taste buds, which are threatened by not enjoying the taste of bluefin tuna? Who’s the real victim here?