I'm sorry, I will never get sick of right-wing wig-flipping over children's entertainment. Apparently anything but VeggieTales is Marxist indoctrination to some people — and what with Big Government pushing healthy eating, it's not long before a wholesome Christian message isn't enough to keep talking vegetables conservative-friendly. 

You'll remember, of course, the "Fox & Friends" hosts flipping a nutty over SpongeBob SquarePants. Millionth verse, same as the first: Kyle Smith at the right-leaning New York Post is calling Happy Feet 2, that no doubt heartwarming tale about dancing cartoon penguins, "Kiddie Karl Marx." Like "Fox & Friends," he's worried about the environmental take-home message:

"Happy Feet Two" has a broad, lefty political agenda. It briefly brings up global warming (though, tellingly, only for a minute–Hollywood's interest in stoking global warming fears seems to have peaked, which is convenient because the public has, after some frightened moments, decisively rejected the alarmist viewpoint) in a scene in which polar bears are shown clinging to shrinking icebergs. It also makes the case, somewhat half-heartedly, for vegetarianism (the penguins see humans roasting chickens, and get spooked). 

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But Smith is at his best when he pinpoints other dangerously progressive mindsets in this piece of animated propaganda. For instance, two male krill are friends, which is super gay. And penguins are feminists, which is LITERALLY THE WORST, because males help to raise the babies. Wait, does that mean nature is feminist? Awesome! Nature's gay too — don't forget what penguins are getting up to when they're not happy-footing around. I look forward to Smith's upcoming screed against nature and how lefty it is.

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The main thesis of the piece is that Happy Feet 2 is socialist, because the characters engage in sharing, cooperation, and mutual respect. Oh gag, what kind of values are THOSE to teach children? It's also pro-immigration, because the characters engage in sharing, cooperation, and mutual respect with birds who have different accents.

On the one hand, this cannot POSSIBLY be serious. Right? Please tell me nobody could possibly seriously accuse a children's movie of "overt collectivism" because its characters sing a song about working together. On the other hand, if it is serious, I hope Smith takes his blood pressure medications before flipping past PBS on his way to Fox News. Can you imagine what would happen if he accidentally saw "Dora the Explorer"? Or, god forbid, this?