Rockefeller Foundation offers climate aid to Asia, Africa

Comin’ on over to the dirty-hippie side, the Rockefeller Foundation has announced an investment of $70 million over the next five years to help communities in Asia and Africa withstand the effects of climate change. The foundation will focus on developing adaptation strategies for affected populations, and, admirably sidestepping the blame game, will not hinge the assistance on nations’ plans (or lack thereof) for limiting greenhouse-gas emissions. “Emissions mitigation is fantastically important, but that is about changing behavior relative to future climate change,” says foundation president Judith Rodin. “In the meantime, data and almost daily news reports show climate change is already happening.” (Thanks for the shout-out, Jude!) The foundation’s major goals include helping cities like Mumbai and Bangkok assess and mitigate flood risk, and assisting African farmers whose livelihood is at risk from drought.