I was gone last week when T. Boone Pickens’ big energy plan came out and everyone was buzzing about it. CBS has a new interview with him, done by Katie Couric, who actually asks some reasonably tough questions:

Of course what she doesn’t do is get much into the meat of the plan itself, or its flaws. At this point, there’s not much to add to what’s been said by others. It’s great that he’s juicing wind, and it’s great he’s telling his fellow Republicans that drilling won’t save us. It sucks that he wants to drill all over the place anyway, and it’s loopy to think natural gas is going to be plucked from electricity and plopped down into transportation like a puzzle piece getting shifted around.

In the end I suspect the positive impact of Pickens on the wind industry will outweigh whatever other silliness comes in its wake.

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