A journalist friend recently sent me this:

I just got my “Journalist’s Guide to Global Warming Experts” from The Heartland Institute in the mail. They list four “experts” in Texas. It’s an awesome list. …

Robert Bradley, energy expert
H. Sterling Burnett, policy analyst
Dr. John Dale Dunn, emergency physician
Michael Economides, petroleum engineer

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As you probably know, the Heartland Institute is one of the world’s premier climate denialist organizations, so you can be pretty sure these guys reject the mainstream scientific view.

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Notice anything odd about the list? Despite the fact that there are dozens if not hundreds of reputable climate scientists working in Texas, the Heartland Institute is unable to get a single of them onto their list.

Apparently expertise is not required to be an expert for Heartland. In fact, I’m pretty sure if you can repeat the following phrase — “the climate stopped warming in 1998!” — you qualify.

This reinforces a point I’ve been making for a while: there are a few credible scientists who dispute the basic message of the IPCC. But not many. You can probably count them on your fingers and toes: Singer, Lindzen, Michaels, Spencer, Christy …

This list of Heartland “experts” is strong evidence that legitimate climate skeptics are like the your child’s imaginary friends: he swears they exist, you just can’t see them.

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