One last comment on NASA administrator Michael Griffin’s comments about global warming. The skeptics out there heralded his comments. For example, Bob Carter was quoted as saying, “My main reaction to Michael Griffin is to congratulate him on his clear-sightedness, not to mention his courage in speaking out on such a controversial topic.”

What these skeptics seem to forget (or conveniently ignore) is that Griffin’s comments were only about the moral question of whether we should address climate change, not about the reality of human-induced climate change. From the New York Times: “In his comments to NPR and in today’s interview, he did not express any doubt that the warming trend is real or that humans have been found to play a part in that rise.” Skeptics never comment on this aspect of Griffin’s statement.

This is a good example of why skeptics cannot be trusted. A skeptic would only tell you the point about Griffin’s questioning the moral aspect of climate change policy, and conveniently forget to tell you that Griffin specifically endorses the dominant scientific view that humans are warming the world. Remember that next time you hear a skeptical statement about climate change.

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