This lede made me laugh out loud:

As concerns about greenhouse gases and global warming mount, nuclear energy is getting a second look in California, with supporters ranging from the governor to at least one environmental activist.

Oh goodie! Who’s the token "at least one environmental activist" this time? Is it Patrick Moore, 20-year industry shill co-founder of Greenpeace? Is it James Lovelock, fearful and panicked dystopian author of the Gaia hypothesis? Or is it Stewart Brand, future tech true believer founder of the Whole Earth Catalog? Those are pretty much your three choices.

Oh, this time it’s door No. 3:

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“I have changed my mind from being mildly anti-nuclear to mildly pro-nuclear because carbon dioxide is now the most dangerous pollution and it is endangering the natural environment,” said Stewart Brand, who in 1968 created the Whole Earth Catalog, which covered subjects including alternative energy.

I continue to wonder, as I did over a year ago, how many times this same damn story is going to get written. At least, luvagod, could they find another token "at least one environmentalist"? I’m bored with these three.

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