A tree stump, in case you weren’t clear what we were talking about.

Ugh. Another hippie “revolutionary” is using her crazy liberal politics to try and stop Enbridge from helping America (by building a tar-sands pipeline to replace the one that … broke). From the Detroit Free Press:

Trees were knocked down on Debora Hense’s property in Livingston County, but crews installing a new pipeline for Enbridge have moved off her land for now.

Hense said the workers left after she called 911 Wednesday morning and Livingston County sheriff’s deputies arrived. She said as many as 50 trees were being cleared when she returned home from a brief trip — even though negotiations with the pipeline company had stalled over using additional space on her land in Tyrone Township, southwest of Fenton, and expanding the permanent easement.

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Jeez, hippie! Enbridge tried to negotiate with you to buy your land, but you wouldn’t let them. What are they supposed to do, resolve every single problem before they start tearing down trees on private property? Get with the program!

And besides, they totally made it up to you!

Hense said the company sent her attorney a check for $810 after she and her husband failed to act on what the company called its final offer — $18,000. She said the first offer was for $40,000. …

It was not clear whether Enbridge considers the $810 check, which Hense noted had not been cashed, the full amount of compensation. [Enbridge spokesman Joe] Martucci said the work would affect just under 2 acres of the Henses’ 22-acre parcel.

“They were paid per the agreement. Whatever the agreement calls for, they were paid according to that,” he said, noting that Enbridge had reached agreement with the majority of landowners.

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Yeah, man. You got paid by the agreement and got a check for whatever! But no, you have to go running to the press, probably wearing a T-shirt that says “Occupy Enbridge” or something. I mean, look at this crazy behavior:

By Wednesday afternoon, Hense, her children — ages 10, 13 and 15 — and Beth Duman of Oceola Township were watching for any signs that the workers might return. Hense said she had warned them not to trespass on her property when she saw them as she was leaving in the morning and was trying to stay vigilant.

Duman, who has negotiated an agreement with Enbridge for use of additional space on her property, said she doesn’t know the Henses but came after getting a plea for help. She said her experience with Enbridge has been mostly negative.

“We settled with them under duress, under the threat of condemnation,” she said. “We’d lost too much sleep already.”

In summary: There is literally no reason anyone should oppose an Enbridge pipeline on their property, and if you don’t like it, Enbridge is totally within its rights to build it there anyway.

I declare it to be the case.

Paul Ryan

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