Climate camp kicks off at London’s Heathrow Airport

The controversial Climate Camp at London’s Heathrow Airport kicks off today, with as many as 2,000 people expected to attend at its height. The weeklong protest is aimed at airport officials’ plans to build a new runway, and at the role of aviation in climate change. “Aviation emissions aren’t even part of our climate budget … and for that reason the government has just given the aviation industry a green light to expand when the rest of us are being told we have to reduce our emissions,” said one Greenpeace campaigner. Organizers are planning trainings, debates, and direct actions. With rumors spreading that the protesters plan to unleash bomb hoaxes, anxious airport officials and as many as 1,800 police are on guard. But the campers — who surmounted an injunction leveled against them earlier this month — say their aims are peaceful. “This isn’t just about people’s freedom to fly,” said one, “this is about people’s freedom to live on a planet that has a future.”