Jon Stewart, bless him, tried to establish a temporary religion- and politics-free zone on The Daily Show by talking about the most innocuous of subjects: the weather. (“This morning, I had to put my hand on a witch’s teat to keep it warm! The witch’s teat was warmer, which I think is unusual,” he exclaimed.)

But goshdangit, even the subzero temperatures in many parts of the country are being politicized, with right-wingers claiming the weather clearly disproves climate change. (Really? The only thing -20 degree weather proves is that you need a REALLY good jacket.) Stewart takes on the deniers in characteristic droll form:

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“Things are freezing on my body that I didn’t even know were possible to freeze,” says one TV reporter, before another laughs that we crazy liberals could even dream of suggesting the climate is warming at a time like this. OH NO YOU DIHUNNN. “The weather where you are on a particular day doesn’t — don’t do this. Don’t,” Stewart retorts. “Right now, I have angry balls.”

Look for Angry Balls on your iPhone or Android soon. (And stay warm.)

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